1:30 p.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: OpenDNS deal part of growing, aggressive security play

Cisco's headquarters      Tuesday's news that networking giant Cisco is acquiring security firm OpenDNS for a whopping $665 million is the latest reflection of the strategic play it is making in security, writes Technology Business Research's Jane Wright.

12:50 p.m. Wednesday

Tech review: Gadgets for the beach and getting you there

​If you're headed to the beach or any other weekend getaway, don't forget these "essential" gadgets for reading, charging batteries - and the best ways to get there.

Reviewing technology for the beach Reviewing technology for the beach

Updated 7:29 a.m. Wednesday

The Startup Factory takes its first step toward going statewide

Chris Heivly and Dave Neal are taking the first step in expanding The Startup Factory accelerator across North Carolina with a "boot camp" in Winston-Salem. In a Q&A with WTW, Heivly talks about the expanded mission and how TSF hopes to make money. Plus, he says, TSF is not taking its eyes off the ball of its primary mission.

Chris Heivly, left, and partner Dave Neal Chris Heivly, left, and partner Dave Neal

6:26 a.m. Wednesday

CED re-elects ChannelAdvisor exec as chair, names other new officers, board members

Council for Entrepreneurial Development David Spitz, who recently was promoted to CEO at ChannelAdvisor, will remain the chair of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development board, but some new faces join the CED leadership and the chair-elect is also picked.

5:53 a.m. Wednesday

From Charleston: How to move forward after tragedy with entrepreneurs' help

DIG South Stanfield "Sunny" Gray, one of the creators of the DIG South organization in Charleston, is seeking the help of startups to "build a better future" in the wake of the recent massacre at Mother Emanuel. In a letter, he spells out his hopes for turning tragedy into good.

Updated 5:37 a.m. Wednesday

Zuckerberg backs AI; Dubai's 3-D printed building; fuel cell boost in Japan; your face on espresso; frothy beer at home

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Mark Zuckerberg backs AI investments; Dubai is 3-D printing a building; automakers boost fuel cells in Japan; your face on an espresso as you fly; and frothy beer made at home.

4:46 a.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Is the 'Osprey' Lenovo's first Motorola smartphone?

Motorola's new Lenovo banner Motorola's chairman recently was ousted in an executive shakeup but the Lenovo company is continuing to develop new products. And website Technobuffalo says it has "leaked" photos of what would be the first smartphone produced under Lenovo's ownership. Will Republic Wireless offer it?

1:51 p.m. Tuesday

Premium Lock Cisco pays $665M for security firm OpenDNS; here's why

Cisco is acquiring security technology firm OpenDNS for $665 million, the latest in a series of recent acquisitions. So why is the networking giant making this buy? Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Hilton Romanski explains the deal in his own words.

Tracking data at OpenDNS Tracking data at OpenDNS

Updated 1:37 p.m. Tuesday

SAS to back female entrepreneurs through SoarTriangle sponsorship

SoarTriangle, the group recently formed to help female entrepreneurs negotiate the way to securing funding in order to grow their businesses, has landed another high-profile sponsor: SAS.

SoarTriangle SoarTriangle

Updated 1:35 p.m. Tuesday

10 startups hiring in the Triangle: An ExitEvent report

Help wanted      Ten startups offering "cool career opportunities" are listed in the latest roundup of job openings as compiled by ExitEvent. So who is hiring and for what?

Updated 9:04 a.m. Tuesday

Premium Lock 5G is the next big thing - and the EU is getting ready to cash in

The Broadband Report       What's the next big thing in wireless communications after 4G? 5G, of course. But right now there's a lot of myth mixed with reality. In the second of a two-part analysis, Michael Sullivan-Trainor of Technology Business Research goes inside the next communication wave. Sullivan-Trainor is the executive analyst in the telecom practice at TBR.

Updated 8:49 a.m. Tuesday

Need to hit friends up for cash? There's an app for that

Dollar sign     Person-to-person mobile payment services like PayPal-owned Venmo are catching on as a way to bypass searching for an ATM or splitting a bill on multiple cards when the dinner check comes. And they're particularly popular among millennials, a generation that seems to have their own way of doing everything.

7:32 a.m. Tuesday

An in-flight rescue: Quintiles physician saves passenger

When a medical emergency occurred on an international flight from London to India recently, the crew received a rapid response from a Quintiles physician and her husband- also a doctor. They saved a woman and helped her husband.

Dr. Vidya Kadam, left, adn Dr. Santosh Kadam Dr. Vidya Kadam, left, adn Dr. Santosh Kadam

7:09 a.m. Tuesday

New Spyryx deal is latest putting RTP in spotlight for fighting lung disease

Lung disease ​A high-profile collaboration announced today by Durham biopharmaceutical company Spyryx Biosciences is the latest in a string of breathtaking announcements by three young Durham companies with promising treatments for deadly lung diseases.

6:57 a.m. Tuesday

Microsoft sells mapping operation to Uber, sheds ad service to AOL

Microsoft Corporation    Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella has been saying he wants to focus more on the company's core software business and related services, while warning employees of the need to "make some tough choices in areas where things are not working." Microsoft representatives indicated Monday that both the AOL and Uber deals are an outgrowth of that strategy.

Tags: Microsoft
Updated 6:46 a.m. Tuesday

AT&T extends DirecTV deal date; IBM chip plant sale OK'd; France detains Uber managers; Foursquare's 'mayorships;' a Novartis buy

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: AT&T extends its deal deadline for DirecTV; IBM receives final OK to sell chip plant; two Uber managers detained for questioning in France; Foursquare's "mayorships" are back; and Novartis buys a U.S. pharma firm.

Updated 3:30 p.m. Monday

State to add 105,000 jobs this year, jobless rate to fall says NCSU economist

N.C. flag     North Carolina employers will add 105,000 jobs this year, with most of those coming in the Triangle and other metro areas, and the state's unemployment rate will drop to 5.5 percent, says N.C. State economist Dr. Michael Walden in a new analysis.

Updated 3:23 p.m. Monday

Google to add railroad crossing warnings to digital maps

Railroad Crossings-Google The federal agency that oversees railroads is asking digital mapping companies to alert users as they approach track crossings. Google agrees. In a blog post, the agency's acting administrator wrote that Google will stitch the locations of approximately 250,000 public and private crossings into its maps.

11:20 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Cisco's 'Six Pillar' approach to Internet of Things, including 'Fog' computing.

Networking giant Cisco is unveiling a new Internet of Things system on Monday with what it calls a "six-pillar approach" for infrastructure to deliver IoT solutions. These cover much more than bandwidth and routers, including "fog" computing and security. So what are the "six pillars"?

Cisco graphic projects IoT growth Cisco graphic projects IoT growth

9:58 a.m. Monday

Google (and Red Hat) lose in Java copyright case vs. Oracle

Oracle The Supreme Court is staying out of a long-running legal battle between technology giants Oracle and Google over copyright protection for a computer program that powers most of the world's smartphones and computer tablets. Red Hat had allied itself with Google in the case.

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