9:30 a.m. Monday

ExitEvent News: REEDS Jewelers: Bitcoin is our competitive advantage

ExitEvent Executives at Wilmington-based REEDS Jewelers provide a handful of examples as to why in June it became the first fine jeweler in the country to accept Bitcoin as payment in this story as part of the news partnership between WRAL TechWire and ExitEvent.

Updated 8:08 a.m. Monday

Report: Broadband surpasses TV subscribers for first time

The Broadband Report: The number of broadband subscribers at top pay TV firms has surpassed the number of pay TV subscribers for the first time in history, according to data from Leichtman Research Group.

Broadband vs. TV Broadband vs. TV

7:43 a.m. Monday

Investor, telecom exec Vanderwoude joins lineup for 'Fiber Transforms the Triangle' conference

Fiber Transforms the Triangle event Veteran telecom executive and angel investor Steve Vanderwoude is the latest leader to join the speaker lineup for the upcoming "Fiber Transforms the Triangle" conference being put on by WRAL Tech Wire with SAS as the host partner.

Updated 7:26 a.m. Monday

IBM cuts in Korea; Google's latest buy; Microsoft touts Explorer - again; LinkedIn's new move; Apple storage in China; Xbox update

Bulldog In the latest Bulldog roundup of life science and technology news: Officials say IBM is restructuring in Korea; Google buys image analysis startup Jetpac; Microsoft urges web users for second chance to Internet Explorer; What LinkedIn's marketing prospects look like after its Bizo buy; Apple to start storing user data in China; Xbox One announces major software update for September.

6:59 a.m. Monday

Vivek Wadhwa: Part 1, inside Silicon Valley's boys club

Vivek Wadhwa A few years ago, if you had asked me about Silicon Valley's gender imbalance, I would have wondered what planet you were from. That was until I moved to Silicon Valley and started noticing the gender composition of technology companies.

6:38 a.m. Monday

Ebola puts focus on drugs made in tobacco plants

Ebola virus It's an eye-catching angle in the story of an experimental treatment for Ebola: The drug comes from tobacco plants. Medicago has a new production facility in Research Triangle Park. Once approved by federal authorities, it's expected to be able to make 30 million doses of seasonal flu vaccine a year, or 120 million vaccine doses to fight a major outbreak of "pandemic" flu if the government requests it.

Updated 6:22 a.m. Monday

Get the pulse. Connect with WRAL TechWire on LinkedIn

WRAL TechWire is expanding again, this time with a new LinkedIn site. From its launch 12 years ago, Local Tech Wire as it was known then has offered a daily email blast. Adding a news feed on Twitter brought on more readers. We've recently added a PM email blast, too. With Facebook, readers have a new channel to follow our news. Now there is LinkedIn as well.

WRALTechWire's LinkedIn page WRALTechWire's LinkedIn page

Updated 6:21 a.m. Monday

Share your news with WRAL TechWire

Contribute to WRALTechWire WRALTechWire is continuously expanding its content lineup, and we want you to participate. We are looking for news and analysis about all things tech and life science from people who know their business.

6:19 a.m. Monday

Your 52 WRAL TechWire headlines from last week

Week in review Some local websites run one or two tech stories per day. Others a few more but mixed with a variety of business news. At WRAL TechWire, tech and life science make up the menu with more than 50 stories published over the last five business days. Here's a look back at technology, life science and other related news as reported in WRAL TechWire last week.

Updated August 15

Premium Lock New life for crowdfunding bill: House will review Monday

NC JOBS Act  Well, crowdfunding in North Carolina isn't dead after all. The House late Friday afternoon voted to review a bill on Monday that includes the NC JOBS act, reports WRAL's Mark Binker.

Updated August 15

U.S. government clears $2.3B Lenovo-IBM server deal

Lenovo and IBM issue statements confirming that the U.S. government has approved the company's $2.3 billion acquisition of IBM's x86 server business. The OK is a big step toward making 2,000 IBMers in RTP employees of Lenovo.

IBM's x86 server business operates globally IBM's x86 server business operates globally

August 15

Saving coin: Bitcoin eliminates middle man in transactions

Bitcoin proponents at the Raleigh Cryptolina Bitcoin Expo say the virtual currency does what the Internet itself is famous for: Cutting out the middle man in financial transactions.

Cryptolina N.C. Cryptolina N.C.

August 15

Tickets now available for all Forward Triangle - Triangle Entrepreneurship Week events

The calendar is set and tickets are now available for all the events that will make up the fourth Forward Triangle - Triangle Entrepreneurship Week coming next month.

Forward Triangle Forward Triangle

Updated August 15

'Startup Crawl' to kick off Innovate Raleigh Summit

Raleigh's growing skyline, Civic Center at right The annual Innovate Raleigh Summit is adding a new feature to this year's event: A walking tour of downtown hot spots for new and emerging businesses. The "Startup Crawl" is set for Sept. 9.

August 15

The business of craft beer in NC: Challenging, costly and friendly

ExitEvent "The Business of Beer at the Beach" in Wilmington draws a big crowd and ignites a spirited conversation about the challenges in North Carolina's growing craft beer industry.

Updated August 15

Ebola outbreak brings global attention to tobacco plant-based drugs

It's an eye-catching angle in the story of an experimental treatment for Ebola: The drug comes from tobacco plants that were turned into living pharmaceutical factories. And one of the emerging players is Medicago, which operates a production facility in RTP.

How Medicago process works How Medicago process works

August 15

Chris Heivly: Networking - I hate networking. You?

Chris Heivly Opinion: Chris Heivly, veteran entrepreneur and co-founder of The Startup factory, speaks his mind about the pros, cons and importance of networking. He also offers tips on how to be successful at it.

Updated August 15

Premium Lock Inside Lenovo: Milestone quarter, mobility sales, IBM deal position add up to bright prospects for more growth

Analysis: Lenovo reported a "milestone quarter" in terms of revenue on Thursday with sales of mobile devices leading the way. For the first time, Lenovo - the world's No. 1 PC manufacturer - sold more smartphones than PCs. And more business is in the pipeline with the looming IBM x86 server deal, writes analyst Jack Narcotta.

Lenovo's growth "across all product lines." Lenovo's growth "across all product lines."

Updated August 15

Premium Lock Egad! Crowdfunding bill now caught up in teacher assistant dispute

NC JOBS Act  Backers of the NC JOBS Act, which would permit crowdfunding for startups in North Carolina, may not get their wish for passage as heated political debate drags on in the state's General Assembly. Crowdfunding as well as economic development issues such as a new job development fund are part of a package that still divides House and Senate.

August 15

Premium Lock Inside Windsor Circle's new round: Why Comcast as investor, how Steve Case helps, new jobs, expansion

Ecommerce startup Windsor Circle went national in searching for new venture capital. Why? And how is AOL founder Steve Case helping as an investor? How does the Durham firm plan to spend its new cash, and are new offices on the horizon? CEO Matt Williamson goes on the record for WRAL TechWire Insiders.

Windsor Circle aims to improve customer retention Windsor Circle aims to improve customer retention

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