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First WRAL TechWire Hall of Famers: Five pillars of NC's tech success

The first five recipients of WRAL TechWire's Hall of Fame honors for lifetime achievement are well-known contributors to the growing, evolving success of North Carolina's high tech, life science and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

WRAL TechWire Awards 2017 WRAL TechWire Awards 2017

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Viemetrics wins top $10K prize at LuLu eGames

Viemetrics, a company that has developed a low-cost, portable spirometer that can potentially predict asthma attacks, won the $10,000 first prize prize for new ventures at the 2017 Lulu eGames yesterday. Lulu eGames awarded more than $100,000 in prize money across six different categories, including the Daugherty Endowment category for companies who have licensed NC State intellectual property.

Lulu eGames awared $100K to new ventues Lulu eGames awared $100K to new ventues

3:27 p.m. Friday

Digital currency fund launched; Instagram ending Instagress; VR disillusionment

Bulldog In today's tech news update: A digital currency fund hopes to raise $300 million; Instagram is fighting bots; and VR sales are far below expectations.

8:27 a.m. Friday

Valencell, Firstbeat connecting analytics to wearables data

Valencell Raleigh-based Valencell, which makes biometric sensors for wearables and Finland's Firstbeat, which provides physiological analytics, say they are collaborating "to explore to full potential of what can biometric wearables can achieve."

8:23 a.m. Friday

Target PharmaSolutions, Allergan team on liver disease study

Target, Allergan collaborating on liver test Clinical data company TARGET PharmaSolutions of Chapel Hill will collaborate with Dublin-based Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company, to study a major liver disease and future treatment options for it.

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Premium Lock Eric Shander's journey: From IBM to Red Hat, chief accounting officer to CFO

Eric Shander is getting a boatload of new responsibilities and a much higher profile as well as a $65,000 pay bump as he moves to Red Hat's chief financial officer from chief accounting officer. In an in-depth Q&A, Shander talks about his new job and the road tour with CEO Jim Whitehurst that helped lead to his promotion - as well as opened his eyes to the new world of investor relations. Plus: Read his full bio.

Eric Shander  Eric Shander

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UNC, Duke part of $3.2M project to develop better Zika virus test

Mosquitos that carry Zika Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine and Duke are part of a project that has received a $3.2 million federal grant to develop a test for the Zika virus they hope will provide accurate results for a wide range of time between when an individual is potentially exposed to when he or she is tested for the virus.

5:52 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock Why Red Hat's new CFO left IBM - and what he likes better

Eric Shander enjoyed working at IBM where he was following in his father's footsteps. But having lived in Raleigh since 1998, he was ready to become a Hatter after reading a book by Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst. In the second part of our Q&A, Shander talks about his feelings for both companies, as well as Lenovo.

Red Hat's tower in Raleigh Red Hat's tower in Raleigh

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4:30 p.m. Thursday

Poll: Black teens are most active on social media apps

Social Media Teenagers and their technology are inseparable, but a new poll shows black teens are the most likely to have access to smartphones -- which could explain why they're the biggest and most frequent users of mobile-friendly social media apps Snapchat and Instagram.

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Premium Lock Datathon at Duke offers big talent recruiting opportunity, says former Red Hat exec

A datathon taking place at Duke on Friday offers a significant recruiting opportunity for Citadel, a $26 billion hedge fund, and Citadel Securities, says the former Red Hat executive L.J. Brock who is chief people officer at Citadel. He explains the event and what the firms are looking for in an exclusive interview. (Plus, Brock discusses his favorite Red Hat memories.)

L.J. Brock L.J. Brock

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Eat cheese, flying cars, and sonic clothes dryers

Ultrasonic Dryer In today's roundup of technology news: a compound found in aged cheese and mushrooms may prevent liver cancer and extend life; million dollar flying car coming; dry your clothes in half the time with sound.

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Amid competition, Verizon loses key customers for first time

Verizon Verizon, the once-unstoppable cellphone leader in the U.S., lost key wireless customers for the first time, even as it brought back unlimited data plans to counter smaller rivals.

11:34 a.m. Thursday

IoT Slam Live announces agenda for June RTP event

 The Internet of Things community, the world's largest network of corporate executives and IoT professionals, has disclosed the agenda for its IoT Slam Live conference. The event is set for June 21-22 at the Archie K Conference Center in Reseach Triangle Park.

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MultiGEN cancer mutation test 1,000 times more sensitive

A genetic test developed by MultiGEN Diagnostics of Greensboro is 1,000 times more sensitive than current methods in detecting a key mutation in cancer, according to a newly published scientific paper.

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Report: Raleigh/Cary makes top 10 list of job markets for college grads

Raleigh's growing skyline  Raleigh and Cary tied for the 10th spot on a list of the top 20 best job markets for new college graduates by online employment site, ZipRecruiter. Healthcare leads industry employers in the region, the report says.

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Premium Lock What's behind the SEVC name change to Fusion Conference?

Triangle-based TechMedia has renamed its Southeast Venture Conference to the Fusion Conference, with the first event flying under the new name set for June 7-8, 2017 in Washington, DC. WRAL Techwire conducted a question and answer session with Eric Gregg, who heads TechMedia with partner Scott Hedrick, to talk about the name change and the first Fusion event in June.

Fusion Conference banner on Times Square, NYC. Fusion Conference banner on Times Square, NYC.

7:40 a.m. Thursday

'Life is more than self'- The driver for 2017 WRAL TechWire awards

WRAL TechWire Awards 2017 In picking the first five members of WRAL TechWire's virtual Hall of Fame and the recipients of this year's Editor's Choice Awards, one theme dominated the selections: "Life is more than self."

6:43 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Report: back to the basics helps prevent security incidents

Phishing, hacking and malware accounted for most of the security incidents analyzed by the BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report for 2016, up 12 percent from the previous year at 43 percent. The firm has advice on how to avoid security breaches.

Cybersecurity   Cybersecurity

6:17 a.m. Thursday

NC Biotech Center awards $1.6M in Q3 loans and grants

N.C. Biotech Center's tower The North Carolina Biotechnology Center awarded 14 loans and grants totaling $1.6 million to companies, universities and other bioscience entities in the third quarter of its 2016-2017 fiscal year ending March 31.

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