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Premium Lock Why wait for Google? Gigabit Internet coming to Raleigh soon

Published: 2014-03-11 12:11:00
Updated: 2014-03-12 07:39:34

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RST Fiber, a company based in Shelby NC, plans to offer Internet service to homes at gigabit speeds as well as ala carte TV services and super high definition video in the Raleigh area within the next 60 days. While Google Fiber considers building a gigabit network in the Triangle, RST says a statewide fiber optic network is now operational and Raleigh will be one of its first service areas....

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RST may be about $20 more than Google, but I live in Raleigh, and it looks like about a year before Google hits my neighborhood...maybe longer. In the mean time the additional $20/Mo isn't that bad. I am currently paying TWC $95/Mo anyway for 300/20 Mbps.
Dittos to joe4200 who mentioned that there are bottlenecks that prevent most of us taking advantage of what we have now. It hasn't been that long that a 1.5 mbit/sec T1 line was sufficient for an office full of people. NASCAR specifies a 100 mbit/sec for the entire press room.

While this certainly takes away one potential bottleneck, certainly there are many others. And unless you're feeding an entire apartment complex with that gig line, I don't see using even a bit of its potential in the near future.
Google also typically offers free 5MBps down/1Mbps up internet to customers for at least 7 years for a single $300 fee (or $25/mo for 12 months). The customer gets fiber to their home for that price, and can upgrade to a faster speed at any time they wish.

Honestly I'm glad there will be competition, but I'd rather wait for Google.
Personally I'd rather have 1gbit/s for $70 than 1gbit/s for $99...

If the shelbybb.com fiber pricing tiers are any indication however then google is a MUCH better deal.

I do realize that some people's computers will be the bottleneck. However even a single mechanical 7200 RPM drive and a single 5400-5900 RPM drive (many on the market) can reach speeds that would saturate a 1gbit/s connection. Note that most people's bottlenecks will be how good their gbit ethernet adapter is or their wireless router. But even if a user sees around 60MB/s currently on their network that is 480mbit/s or almost half a gbit connection.
99 is too expensive. First off, with computers the logjam will exist at your computer for most people, especially if they are using a wireless home network. The data transfer rate between the router and computer is not going to change. Fiber speeds are also not really needed for tv and streaming services like NetFlix. I can understand why as fiber is rolling out the pricetag is going to be on the high side. As it becomes more prevalent that should change to some degree.
$99 is way too much. Speeds like this have been possible for years. Instead of taking the speed of RoadRunner and the price of RoadRunner as a starting point, they should be replacing RoadRunner with 5G for only a small price increase. Of course, the price of RoadRunner should have been falling over time.
Looking at a price comparison based on what is available on Google's site and Shelby Broadband's site, Google's pricing is a lit better. Note that these prices may vary by region, but they will not be far off the mark, I believe.



Competition in broadband is a very, very good thing, but everybody seems to charge the same price. I'm not sure why it works like that.
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