Updated Jan. 12, 2008 at 4:31 p.m.

Premium Lock Raleigh Falls From Top Spot in Forbes Best Cities for Jobs List

Published: 2008-01-12 14:15:00
Updated: 2008-01-12 16:31:01

Forbes Forbes

In its latest ranking of top cities for jobs, the Raleigh metro area dropped to ninth for 2007. Thus ends Raleigh’s two-year reign as No. 1 in the Forbes ranking....

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"I love this! All you Yankees need to Go back to the north:)"

look around it's not just Yanks anymore!
Maybe OJ will move here and play some golf while looking for the real killers.
The problem is not "Johnston County", but WRAL's coverage area goes from Fayetville to the VA border, and from Chapel Hill/Mebane to almost Rocky Mount.

It is easy for people who live in Raleigh and have it so good to get complacent and want even more for less. Also, it is easy for people in rual areas to think they should have to pay less individually for taxes. This ignores the fact that their tax base to support roads, schools, etc. is low due to their low density. They think they are "owed" something for nothing, and complain when Raleigh gets what it pays for.
GOOD! Maybe people will STOP moving here in droves!!!
I'm pleased with the slip in ranking. Perhaps growth can be slowed to a manageable pace!
"From the sound of the comment regarding Johnston County, you are just as bigoted as a KKK member, just practice a different kind of bigotry."

I live in Johnston County and I do not own a pickup truck, I do not hunt, I don't even own a gun, and I have no respect for the KKK. Rather...I graduated from a top-ranked woman's college and I work in the pharmaceutical industry and make a decent living for myself and my family. So I would not be so quick to judge those who are seemingly "from the country"... From the sound of the comment regarding Johnston County, you are just as bigoted as a KKK member, just practice a different kind of bigotry...
"Seriously...I really hope that a majority of those who post regularly on these message boards are not representative of the Raleigh area as a whole. I really thought my city was a little more with it than that." - asbrown

My thoughts exactly. I also thought Raleigh was a progressive city.

My guess is that these people are all from Johnston county, and don't have anything other to do when they're not shooting things, driving around in their pickup trucks, or attending their KKK meetings.
Many of us natives don't want "the area to be rid of..." anyone (except maybe for those that come here and then complain). However, the large influx of people, that has been going on for years, combine with the apparent lack of planning, has negatively impacted what made this such a great place to live. Call it a Catch 22 if you will. While I don't want the quality of life to slide (any further), I do think this continued building, throughout all of Wake Co. has got to stop. If for no other reason than the infrastructure can't take it. (What are the politicians doing with the 'additional revenues' from all these newcomers?)
Sounds to me like some people want the area to be rid of blacks, Hispanics, northerners and just keep the natives of the area. Here's a little something to think about. There would still be problems. Not to mention what the economy would be like. Each group has people who are the strengths and the weaknesses. Where do you fit in?
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