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Premium Lock IBM wanted to buy SAS - Jim Goodnight just said no

Published: 2012-06-21 09:02:00
Updated: 2012-06-21 09:21:51

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Jim Goodnight, co-founder and chief executive officer of SAS, tells Reuters that he rebuffed an IBM offer to buy the company....

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SAS employees are no different than the Kool-Aid swillers at IBM. When Jim Goodnight turns a fast corner while walking, the SAS'ers necks snap... it's still just another company with The Man at the Top of the Pyramid making all the bucks on the backs & efforts of his worshipers.
SAS employees dodged a bullet there.
Good thing - IBM would have ruined it for sure. Wouldn't have had a clue how to market their products and the wholething would be gone in a few years.
Good going Jim. Tell IBM to pound sand! And the first post comments are correct. IBM just want's SAS customers, that's all!
Nice try IBM. Go buy some more Chinese companies.
I agree - great that he didn't consider selling. He's one of the few CEOs to recognize that the employee is the main, if not only, appreciating asset with a company.

Unfortunately for any company, the reality of business means that they are still treated as line items on a budget sheet.
Kudos to Jim for not selling. He is absolutely correct. SAS would quickly either vanish or change so drastically under the big IBM that it would be a mere l of what it is today.
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