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Premium Lock Survey: 49% of employers have trouble finding workers

Published: 2012-05-31 07:40:00
Updated: 2012-05-31 08:26:34

Why jobs can't be filled - Employers' complaints Why jobs can't be filled - Employers' complaints

A new report from talent management firm Manpower finds that many U.S. companies can't find qualified workers even though unemployment remains high. The 'talent mismatch gap' is a growing concern, Manpower's CEO warns....

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Steven Cousler - You hit the nail on the head. I would say that 80% of your contracting firms that companies like IBM, NetApp, Red Hat, etc. use have abused the contractor roles and abused the employees enough so they know what companies to work for and which ones not to work for.

I know with Manpower - I won't go to them again based on the job skills I had given them, and the jobs they wanted to send me on.

You do not send a Certified Server Administrator on a job in a Lumber Yard as a Lumber Jack.

That IS how Manpower disqualifies you. If they don't want to have anything to do with you, they will offer you a job they know you will turn down. And then they throw your stuff in the trash and black list you from their system.

Been there - done that - got the t-shirt.
Ted -

The huge skills gap is one that was created because of outsourcing. The youth have absolutely NO reason to go into technology fields if they know they are working themselves out of a job.

It is plain and simple. When the outsourcing started - NCSU had an immense drop in their technology admissions.

One of your jobs posted a few years ago required 10 years experience with Social Media - Facebook was founded in 2004, not 2000. So I don't know where your companies disconnect is here - but it sure is not in reality.
Ted - The latest figures prove that you are not necessarily telling the truth.

And why is it a person of my caliber goes to manpower but the only job that they are filling is a lumber yard fella? When I have nearly 20 years experience in "Most" avenues of technology?

I can tell you why. Firms like yours are finding ANY reason, whether the long list of improbable skills can't possibly be filled except by a Group of Skillsets (much like that you find in India) or you refuse to pay for the skill and are part of the overall outsourcing problem.

The slip by the law firm (which I believe was consulting your company was) "We find reasons to not hire Americans."
So much for the usefullness of all the head hunting and contracting agencies that also help undercut employee's pay by taking an extremely high and unwarranted percentage while paying no benefits. If companies can't find workers - its because they've either gained a bad rep in their respective industry or have no competent head hunting or personnel recruiters inhouse.
My husband was let go back in December as a DM/Sale Rep. for a large company that had major cuts around the country. He still hasn't found anything. He's been on interviews..but many companies are hiring from within. The gentleman from Manpower...I'd love to have my husband touch base with you. He's spoken with one recruiter he found on Linkedin. But they haven't really done anything. It's been very frustrating, to say the least!
Maybe the talented people don't want to work for these companies because they see how current employees are treated (IBM, GE and others come to mind). As far as a shortage, I think it's mostly in the HR peoples mind. They have some description of a candidate they are supposed to be looking for, but don't have clue of the hiring manager actually wants. I think it's mostly as Matt Price says. A talent gap - what nonesense. Most employers don't know how to handle truly talented people anyhow.
What they're really saying is they can't hire competent, qualified workers at the insulting wages that they offer.

These articles that appear on a regular basis are just propaganda by the structural proponents who refuse to be swayed by the data. They parrot the "worker skills are out of sync with the needed skills" subterfuge as a backdoor excuse to bleed every ounce of productivity out of the employees they do have.

If employer claims of a shortage of qualified workers were true, the unemployment rates of these in-demand occupations would show it. But a look at the actual data shows otherwise; view the charts at http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/09/occupational-hazards/

When observing the charts look for the high-demand occupations and skills. There aren't any!
Matt, you couldn't be more wrong. As a manager of multiple branches for Manpower I can say first hand that we are not looking to bring in more H-1 candidates. In fact, the types of positions we fill make it cost prohibitive to do so. I work with companies all over the area and the conversation is consistently about finding talent. There is a HUGE skills gap in our country and it's only going to get worse in the coming years. The U.S. lost tons of unskilled jobs over the last decade to other contries, and while employment is coming back, and we are seeing the creation of new jobs, they are not the unskilled jobs that went away. So in the end, there are many people out there that will need new training and education to find sustainable work in the future. With baby-boomers now reaching retirement there are even fewer candidates than there were in years past and the gap continues to grow. I'd be happy to speak with anyone on an individual basis about this. Feel free to contat me.
49% of employers have trouble 'paying' workers
And, BTW - I have just been told that there is SURPLUS CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Professionals, and Cisco professionals out there.

So I don't buy that they can't find the people.
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