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December 30, 2015

Premium Lock Salute from mobile health journal caps Validic's strong 2015

In a tweet on Tuesday, Triangle mobile health startup Validic buried the lede, to use an old journalism term: A mobile health journal did more than include Validic's "partners and clients."

Validic's growing ecosystem Validic's growing ecosystem

Updated December 25, 2015

Premium Lock 'Tis time to celebrate true meaning of Christmas - not work

The Skinny On a beautiful Christmas morning here in the Triangle, it's time for everyone who isn't required to work to savor a day of giving, of joy, of love, and to remember. So put down your tablet, turn off the phone, shut down the PC, and embrace your family. Love trumps tech every day - but especially today.

Updated December 25, 2015

Premium Lock Wells Fargo economists give thumbs up for Triangle economy in 2016

State of the economy   It's the season for economic forecasts of the New Year, and 2016 is looking pretty good for the Triangle, according to two economists at Wells Fargo. Look for "strong gains" with growth in tech and biotech leading the way.

Updated December 24, 2015

Premium Lock North Carolina tops 10M in population, Census estimates

The Tar Heel state has become only the ninth to top 10 million in population thanks to an average daily influx of 281 people, according to a new estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau. North Carolina is the ninth largest state, and it drew the sixth highest number of new residents, the report says.

North Carolina tops 10 million North Carolina tops 10 million

Updated December 24, 2015

Premium Lock Wrapping up a good 2015, PurThread knits together deal with Valley sports gear startup

PurThread closes 2015 in a flourish, piecing together a revenue-generating deal with a Silicon Valley startup focusing on next-generation athletic gear. It's motto: "Don't sweat it." And PurThread technology is part of the launch. PurThread's CEO talks with WRAL TechWire about the deal and gives an update on the company.

Kleen Fabrics says "Don't sweat it" with PurThread Kleen Fabrics says "Don't sweat it" with PurThread

Updated December 23, 2015

Premium Lock Call to duty: Just call former NC Biotech Center CEO Norris Tolson 'Mr. Service'

Well, the retirement of Norris Tolson from a life of business and service didn't last very long. He's got a new job, and the Rocky Mount Telegraph says the group that hired him as director made a smart move.

Norris Tolson Norris Tolson