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Updated April 15

Premium Lock New VC report shows third straight decline for NC funding, but ...

Dollar sign      From bullish to bearish in just a few months for North Carolina venture deals? Could be. The second of three major venture capital funding reports is out, and it too reports that deals have dried up substantially so far this year. However, there's a caveat.

Updated April 13

Premium Lock First '16 VC report: NC fundings, deals drop in Q1

First-quarter venture capital funding and deal flow both fell sharply from a year ago, according to a report from CB Insights. It's the first of three major reports that examine what's happening in startup financing.

US quarterly VC funding, deals US quarterly VC funding, deals

Updated April 14

Premium Lock Keeping 'cloud' private: House advances tougher privacy act

e-mail    The FBI's battle with Apple to "crack" a terrorist's iPhone has helped raise public awareness of government intrusion into even the most secure private data. The Senate is discussing a ban on unbreakable encryption. But Wednesday the House moved closer to protecting our data with changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that will end the government's ability to obtain information without a warrant after 180 days. Many tech firms had endorsed the revision.

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Updated April 13

StarShot: A moonshot to the stars, the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge

For those of us who remember watching Neil Armstrong's "one giant leap for mankind," who have savored Star Trek and science fiction for decades, who spent hours peering at the stars to track Sputnik in orbit, space has never lost its allure. We dream. We pray for a better future "out there." And now an entrepreneur with the help of the remarkable Stephen Hawking could be on the verge of taking interstellar flight into new, much faster realms. But they need help from entrepreneurs. Perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps our children and grandchildren will live to hear or read a text message: "Alpha Centauri dead ahead ..."

To Alpha Centauri? To Alpha Centauri?

April 12

Premium Lock Lenovo: 'Laser-like focus' on US market pays 'strong dividends'

Its sales worldwide are declining - with one big exception: The United States. And Lenovo's chief operating officer says improving sales is a direct result of the company's "laser-like focus."

Gianfranco Lanci Gianfranco Lanci

April 12

Premium Lock Q&A: Startup CEOs say in survey 2016 will be 'great year'

Bullish  In a Q&A, Bull City Venture Partners' Jason Caplain talks about the findings of the firm's first public survey of tech startup and emerging firm CEOs. In a word, they are positive. Well, make that very positive.

Updated April 12

Premium Lock 'Bully' is the word, hiring to surge, startup CEOs tell Bull City Venture Partners

The bulls - not bears - are dominate among startup CEOs, according to a first of its kind survey conducted by Triangle investment firm Bull City Venture Partners. In an exclusive, partner Jason Caplain talks about the findings - and what they mean.

Bull City Venture Partners Bull City Venture Partners

April 12

Premium Lock Lenovo shows PC muscle in US but global sales plunge for industry

Lenovo employees are gathering in Raleigh this week for the spring kickoff by the world's No. 1 PC seller. But there's not much joy for Lenovo or its competitors based on the latest PC sales statistics. Global shipments crashed in the first quarter. About the only bright spots for Lenovo were: Increase sales in the U.S. and a bigger global market share year-over-year.

A Lenovo PC A Lenovo PC

Updated April 11

Premium Lock 'Cloud' stats show dominance by HP while IBM, NetApp slip

Cloud computing New statistics from research firm IDC show HP is dominating the "cloud" infrastructure business these days, but Dell, EMC amd Cisco are surging. What about IBM and NetApp? The news isn't good - at all.

April 7

Premium Lock Red Hat 5-year plan: $5B in revenue, doubling work force

Red Hat just last year cracked $2 billion in revenue for the first time - a strong growth rate of 15 percent. But CEO Jim Whitehurst is far from satisfied. he wants $5 billion in five years - and he says the Hatters will have to double the size of their work force to get there.

Jim Whitehurst Jim Whitehurst

April 5

Premium Lock Crowdfunding backers gear up for another General Assembly push

Crowdfunding  Backers of crowdfunding legislation in North Carolina are about to try once again to convince the North Carolina General Assembly to pass a bill. Opening startup funding to more people has broad bi-partisan support yet legislation has been stalled time after time. Will 2016 be different?

Updated April 4

Group of startups unveil website opposing HB2

Diversity  Startup executives and employees who are outspoken in their opposition to the recently passed Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act ramped up their efforts Monday with the launching of a website filled with anti-HB2 comments.

Updated April 4

Tech-focused business groups wary of HB2 or take no position

HB2 debate   Power pro-business advocacy groups who also have a focus on or include members of the high tech and life science industries are either analyzing the recently passed Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act or steering clear of any comment.

April 4

Premium Lock Building off book 'Build The Fort,' entrepreneur Chris Heivly to host startup workshop

Entrepreneur Steve Heivly, who co-founded The Startup Factory accelerator in Durham, turned his experiences into a recently published book, "Build The Fort." Now he wants to share his experiences at a workshop for startup entrepreneurs. Plus, he talks about the book - why he wrote it, what he has to say.

Build The Fort Build The Fort

Updated April 4

Premium Lock Billion $ year? Capital flowing to NC tech, life science entrepreneurs

Venture Capital     North Carolina startup and emerging companies across high-tech and life science continue to lure investment dollars in 2016 at a pace that indicates this year will be another big headline and deal generator. The first quarter shaped up very nicely.

Updated April 1

From the big to the small, more tech firms assail HB2

Human Rights Campaign If North Carolina's governor and General Assembly reverse course on the controversial HB2 law, technology firms from small to large will have had a role in that political concession. If they choose not to, then just as a year ago when a so-called religious freedom bill was discussed, the politicos certainly are more aware now of how big a voice that some leaders in the tech industry can generate in opposition.

Updated April 1

A record! Full Steam Ahead Awards: Enterprise voting is heavy; now, get your tickets

Full Steam Ahead awards  Ninety executives and companies were nominated for seven of the Enterprise company level awards in WTW's annual "Full Steam Ahead Awards." Voting was heavy, setting a record. Now, get your tickets.

March 28

Premium Lock 6fusion buys Chicago IT B2B firm after raising $6.6M

6fusion, the cloud-focused Raleigh startup, wasted little time in using some of its newly raised $6.6 million in venture capital. On Friday, 6fusion disclosed that it is buying a Chicago company.

6fusion's "WAC" process 6fusion's "WAC" process

Updated April 1

Premium Lock Voting in Full Steam Ahead Awards: Startups sets record; get your tickets

Startups   A whopping total of 125 people and companies have been nominated for one of seven WTW's Full Steam Ahead Awards this year. And a record number of people cast ballots. Now, get your tickets to the party.

March 28

Premium Lock Time running out to vote for Full Steam Ahead Awards: Enterprise

Full Steam Ahead awards  Ninety executives and companies have been nominated for seven of the Enterprise company level awards in WTW's annual "Full Steam Ahead Awards." Voting ends March 31. Have you made your choices?