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Updated September 13

Google Fiber goes 'live' in Morrisville; more Triangle access coming

Google Fiber will begin taking orders for its ultra-fast Internet service Tuesday morning in Morrisville. It's the launch point for the network with more coverage across the Triangle expected to be announced shortly, the company says.

Google Fiber goes "live" in Morrisville Google Fiber goes "live" in Morrisville

Updated September 9

Premium Lock HQ BAM: Why HQ Raleigh won a $100,000 NC IDEA grant

HQ Raleigh HQ Raleigh really has been more than a shared office space project from its launch nearly three years ago. Networking, mentoring, more. A community. Recent expansion is taking the HQ Raleigh concept to other markets. And now with a $100,000 grant from NC IDEA, HQ Raleigh is embarking on a new incubation effort called HQ BAM. So what is it?

Updated September 9

Premium Lock Exclusive: Here's why NC IDEA chose to fund 9 startup programs

Innovation NC IDEA is going to provide nearly $1.2 million in funding to a variety of startup and entrepreneurial programs across N.C. Thom Ruhe, CEO of NC IDEA, explains why these groups (American, Underground, Catawba Valley Community College, the CED, Triangle Venture Alliance, First Flight Venture Center, HQ Raleigh, NC RIoT, UNC Charlotte and the Greensboro partnership Entrepreneurs Connection) were awarded grants.

Updated September 8

NC IDEA grant winners - igniters of next entrepreneurship wave?

Startups   The growing depth and breadth of North Carolina's entrepreneurship "ecosystem" is clearly shown by the nine winners of the first Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Partner grants from the NC IDEA Foundation.

Updated September 8

Premium Lock As Startup Factory shuts down, co-founder Chris Heivly defends outside interests

As The Startup Factory continues the process of shutting down, co-founder Chris Heivly talks with WRAL TechWire about the decision to shut down TSF, the factors that led to it, and whether his own outside interests helped contribute to the shutdown decision.

Chris Heivly on stage at Paradoxos in 2013 Chris Heivly on stage at Paradoxos in 2013

Updated September 7

Premium Lock Groundfloor targets NC for crowdfunding securities sales in '17

Groundfloor, the real estate financing startup open to nonaccredited investors that was born in the Triangle then moved to Georgia to take advantage of crowdfunding legislation, keeps growing. And by next year, the company could be selling securities in its former home state, says its CEO and co-founder.

Brian Dally  Brian Dally

Updated September 6

Scoop? Lenovo leaks rumored new iPhone 7 specs

Lenovo and its Motorola smartphone group are getting credit for delivering a scoop about the new iPhone 7 specs, which Apple is expected to announce Wednesday.

Lenovo's iPhone scoop Lenovo's iPhone scoop

September 2

A Labor Day salute to the talented UNC staff for NC Biz News Wire

NC Business News Wire WTW readers have no doubt noticed in the past few weeks a growing number of good stories from the North Carolina Business News Wire staff. And what better weekend to say "thank you" on behalf of WRAL TechWire while also introducing readers to a fine team of promising journalists at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Updated September 2

Premium Lock Fiber war! Google Fiber to AT&T: 'Consumers want a choice'

Only hours after an AT&T executive ridiculed Google Fiber's challenges in rolling out a fiber network, GF responds with a blog of its own about the broadband battle currently underway in Nashville. GF is lobbying to speed up the permitting process for hanging fiber. GF also makes clear that consumers want "choice" among providers.

Google Fiber wants change in Nashville Google Fiber wants change in Nashville

Updated September 2

Premium Lock Why is NC IDEA taking over SoarTriangle? Inside the decision

NC IDEA NC IDEA has steadily been expanding its mission since Thom Ruhe took over as executive director, and the evolution continued on Tuesday with the news that the foundation is taking over operations of SoarTriangle. The group focuses on mentoring women-led startups, and NC IDEA was to explore ways to help, particularly in raising capital.

September 1

Premium Lock AT&T execs mocks Google fiber: 'Pardon our dust'

AT&T GigaPower       AT&T's increasingly bitter fight with Google over competing fiber networks takes on a new, mocking tone as a top AT&T executive says in a blog post that broadband network building is "not for the faint of heart."

August 31

Action! IBM's Watson produces first AI movie trailer (+ video)

IBM's artificial intelligence powerhouse Watson is getting credit for helping produce the first Hollywood movie trailer relying on AI. It's for the sci-fi thriller "Morgan," and Entertainment Weekly offers the trailer a rave review.

Updated September 1

Third round of layoffs hit IBM in 8 months, including RTP

IBM layoffs     IBMers are lighting up a Facebook page with reports across the country about a new round of layoffs. IBM's campus in RTP is taking a hit. It's the third cut in jobs so far this year. To add insult to billfold pain, the IBMers have been told their last day at work will be in November, which means they miss out on IBM's 401K contribution this year. IBM confirms that layoffs are underway.

August 31

Premium Lock Robotic farms? Ag robots, drones forecast as $10B buisness

"I, Robot" is coming to farming - very quickly, skies to furrows and, yes, manure clean up. Farms are no strangers to technology, from the latest tractors to cow milking and harvesting. Now come the drones as Raleigh-based PrecisionHawk helps farmers with precise geomapping capabilities. And a new report from a U.K. research firm shows just how robotic farms are about to become.

The rise of robot farms The rise of robot farms

Updated August 30

Premium Lock Durham hologram startup adds sign language capability

Prsonas, a Durham startup developing hologram technology and fresh from winning a project with the U.S. Army, on Tuesday is adding sign language capabilities to its virtual assistants. In the future, the company aims to make signing interactive.

Updated August 30

Premium Lock Verizon: Network upgrade doubles download speeds in RTP, US

Verizon is promising a doubling in download speeds as it brings online a network upgrade technology called LTE Advanced. The Triangle, Fayetteville and North Carolina's major metro areas are among the 461 markets where the upgrade officially took effect on Monday.

LTE Advanced LTE Advanced

Updated August 29

Premium Lock What a RIoT! Fast-growing IoT group hires exec director, changes name. broadens agenda

If there is anything growing as fast as the Internet of Things, it's the IoT organization based in the Triangle formerly known as NC RIoT. With more than 3,000 members now and a growing reach of events, the group is evolving quickly into a business itself.

NC RIoT dev day packs IBM facility in RTP NC RIoT dev day packs IBM facility in RTP

Updated August 26

Premium Lock Source: Google still investing heavily in fiber despite job cuts report

Google Fiber went "live" in parts of Charlotte earlier this week, reflecting the Internet giant's continuing commitment to its network despite acknowledged heavy losses. While the company isn't talking on the record about a report it's cutting 50 percent of the Google Fiber work force, WRAL TechWire is told that Google is still chasing what it sees as a huge market opportunity.

Google Fiber installer vans in Queen City Google Fiber installer vans in Queen City

Updated August 26

Premium Lock CED Tech Venture lineup draws 50+ investment funds to Raleigh

WRAL TechWire is publishing a series of profile Q&As about the 90-plus startup and entrepreneurial companies that will be presenting at the CED Tech Conference. And this is an impressive group, based on our review of the information submitted so far. So it's no surprise to WTW that the list of investment funds attending the event is over 50. Their representatives shouldn't be bored.

Investing funds attending Tech Venture Investing funds attending Tech Venture

Updated August 24

Premium Lock Verizon makes clean sweep in latest wireless testing

Verizon   Verizon is the clear winner in the latest round of wireless networks testing by research firm RootMetrics. AT&T slips to No. 2 after sharing or winning the top spot in each of the previous five tests. But the data shows competition is close with Sprint and T-Mobile showing signs of strength, too.