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Updated July 28

Premium Lock If global nutrition firm picks RTP for plant, NCSU helps plant the seeds

Business development is part of the "crops" being developed by researchers at N.C. State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, too. Proof? Premex, a global animal and human nutrition firm, just opened a new office in RTP and its top exec says a manufacturing plant could follow. NCSU's team is helping pave the way. Here's how.

Crops mean business development, too Crops mean business development, too

Updated July 27

Study: Raleigh one of top 8 metros for $100,000-plus tech jobs

A new study ranks the Raleigh-Cary metro as one of the eight top metropolitan areas for tech jobs that pay $100,000 or more. The same study ranks North Carolina's capital as No. 5 in tech job postings.

U.S. tech hubs U.S. tech hubs

Updated July 27

Premium Lock International nutrition firm eyes RTP for manufacturing plant

Premex, a global technology company that develops, manufactures and markets animal nutrition ingredients, is opening a new lab facility in RTP and is hiring. But bigger news may come down the road, the president of the firm tells WRAL TechWire.

Alejandro Mesa Alejandro Mesa

Updated July 26

Premium Lock Sizzle, sizzle: FilterEasy cleans up on capital, customers

Raleigh startup FilterEasy isn't an intellectual property play as far as investors are concerned. It's a red-hot customer play, and with a big funding boost the company launched while its founders were students at NCSU is planning to "continue our rapid growth."

FilterEasy founders FilterEasy founders

Updated July 27

Well, maybe NC will get next Foxconn plant ....

New jobs     Foxconn picked Wisconsin for its $10 billion plant, but more facilities are expected. Maybe our state will land one of those.

Updated July 25

Duke Energy joins firms a-to-x pledging to increase diversity, inclusion

Diversity  Who says fallout can't be positive rather than radioactive? Increasing corporate awareness no doubt triggered through sex and racial bias across the tech and venture capital industries as well as in reaction to various "bathroom bills" has led to efforts to address diversity and inclusion problems. Duke Energy is the latest corporate giant joining a new alliance that pledges to increase both.

Updated July 24

Premium Lock Why did Pendo take another $25M in VC? What's secret to success?

Pendo, a Raleigh-based software startup, is hotter than the current heatwave sweeping the Triangle. A $25 million fundraising led by Silicon Valley investors gives Pendo $45 million in cash raised over the last six months. Pendo's founder and CEO talks about why he took on the new funding and why Pendo is having such success. Plus: He's hiring 50 people.

Todd Olson Todd Olson

Updated July 21

Premium Lock More to fear: 'Email compromise' attack a bigger threat than ransomware, Cisco says (+ video, tips to fight attacks)

Ransomware is a major story these days but there actually is a bigger threat confronting businesses and enterprises: Business email compromise attacks. So says tech giant Cisco in a new cybersecurity report. Plus, a new threat is emerging - "destruction of service" attacks which are linked to the growing Internet of Things universe.

Updated July 20

Premium Lock Lenovo CEO sets new target, hints he might quit if he fails

Yang Yuanqing  After diversifying Lenovo away from what he has called the "bread and butter" of PCs into servers, smartphones and all things Internet, Chair and CEO Yang Yuanqing is now making a play for ecommerce and AI success. And he tells Bloomberg he might quit if he fails.

Updated July 20

Tech exec Steve Malik uses entrepreneurial skills in Major League Soccer, stadium pitches

Steve Malik's entrepreneurial success combined with his love for soccer could bring a major league soccer team to the Triangle as well as a new stadium. Presentations on Wednesday show Malik's entrepreneurial touch with his plans for a stadium in downtown Raleigh.

Proposed soccer/multi-use stadium for Raleigh Proposed soccer/multi-use stadium for Raleigh

July 19

Premium Lock Coastal Credit Union's 3-year road to digital finance hit, led by its CIO

You may not have heard of Kris Kovacs or expected a credit union to be a leader in digital banking. No more. Kovacs is spearheading a digital platform that might transform credit unions, and he's reaping awards: Coastal Credit Union and several partners recently spun out a new venture led by Kovacs that has just landed $3 million in new venture capital. Here's the back story about the emerging success of Constellation Digital Partners.

Kris Kovacs Kris Kovacs

Updated July 18

Premium Lock RTP's job market: Thousands of open positions but tough to fill

Help wanted sign        Even with unemployment well below 5 percent in the Research Triangle market, many companies are looking for workers. But their demands are high with a heavy emphasis on college degrees, work experience and technical skills. Here's a look at what employers are seeking.

Updated July 14

Premium Lock Watson a dunce? Analysts question just how smart IBM's AI play really is

IBM Watson avatar     If supercomputer Watson is the key to IBM's future as the cornerstone of its artificial intelligence play, a Wall Street analyst firm says Big Blue is headed for trouble. "Outgunned" for talent, IBM faces increasing competition as well as the fact Watson requires "significant consulting" services.

Updated July 13

Premium Lock US sales plunge - Lenovo loses grip on global No. 1 PC ranking

The other shoe has dropped in the world of PC sales rankings. Lenovo is no longer the world's top PC seller, according to the two most widely reported statistics compiled by global research firms. The new No. 1 is HPE as Lenovo falls behind due in part to a plunge in one of its strongest growth markets: The United States. Perhaps worse news is the fact Lenovo's sales fell while its top two rivals made gains.

Lenovo PC sales drop Lenovo PC sales drop

July 12

Premium Lock Inside the Zift merger: How it came about, more

Executives at Zift Solutions explain how the merger between the venture capital-backed Cary firm and Relayware. Zift sought the deal and will be the name of the combined venture, but Zift's CEO will be No. 2 in the merged venture.

How Zift technology works How Zift technology works

July 12

Premium Lock Ways forward for women entrepreneurs to end 'endemic bias'

Diversity  A new report from international consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in conjunction with The Crowdfunding Center not only provides data that shows the success women are having as entrepreneurs in raising crowdfunding but also provides recommendations on how women, governments, agencies, investors, educators and men can help drive more diversity in startup funding. Here's a look.

Updated July 12

Premium Lock Women finally achieving equality in VC - via crowdfunding

It's widely known that in the venture capital world - from employees to companies funding - that women are overlooked and under represented. Have been for years. But change is finally coming - through startup crowdfunding, says a new report.

Inside crowdfunding report data Inside crowdfunding report data

June 30

Premium Lock IBM, Cisco: Cyber assault a 'wiper,' not ransomware (+ video)

A growing number of cybersecurity experts are reaching a consensus about the latest cyberassault that's hit companies worldwide: It's not a ransomware attack designed for financial gain. Rather, it's a "wiper" - a deliberate attempt to inflict sabotage through malware.

June 30

Premium Lock Want a job as writer? Journalist? Check out 24 hot openings in RTP

Help wanted sign        So another job opening shows up in The Skinny's LinkedIn feed like the one reported on earlier this week - content managers at IBM. After a quick peek, LinkedIn caught the look and late Thursday sent a list of jobs that fit the journalist/writer profile. And there are some really good jobs available right here in RTP.

Updated June 29

Premium Lock Go, go electric buses in Triangle? Agencies team up for fed grant

The go-go transit agencies in the Triangle are teaming up with Chapel Hill in a bid for federal funding to put electric buses on the region's roadways.

Electric buses in RTP? Could be. Electric buses in RTP? Could be.