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Updated February 13

Premium Lock Street resumes its Cisco love affair: Stock soars to 5-year high

One glance at Cisco's stock chart over the past year - and even more impressively over the last 5 - shows that Wall Street is once again enthralled with the John Chambers networking show. Analysts praise Cisco in a big chorus after Wednesday's results and Chambers' bravo sales pitch to analysts. But ...

Cisco stock soaring .... Cisco stock soaring ....

February 12

Automated Insights: Proof that Triangle's entrepreneurial network delivers

Council for Entrepreneurial Development "Success has many parents," writes Steve Hinkson, director of communications at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. And Robbie Allen, CEO of Automated Insights which made its "exit" through acquisition on Thursday, is proof - as Allen recently told the CED.

February 12

Beware, digital Valentine: That dating app may invite a hack

It's not bad enough that you risk being hacked when you shop or go to the doctor. Now you have to worry about dating apps. So says IBM. In a study released just in time for Valentine's Day, IBM says more than 60 percent of dating mobile apps are vulnerable to cyber attack.

February 12

Chambers boasts Cisco cut 'more than 30% of our leaders' in layoffs, reorg

John Chambers  Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers is back in his bombastic, evangelistic war mood after the network giant's latest financials. And many of the victims were Cisco's own managers. "More than 30 percent of our leaders" were replaced in a recent reorganization - bloodbath? - he boasts. And 40 percent of all Cisco workers were put through a "realign." Reasons to boast?

Updated February 11

Verizon, AT&T top NC wireless performance; Sprint surging

AT&T has rallied to regain a share of first place with Verizon in overall wireless performance across North Carolina, according to the latest test data from RootMetrics. But the independent testing firm's data shows Sprint is gaining ground.

A tie for first in NC wireless performance A tie for first in NC wireless performance

Updated February 11

Premium Lock Why robotics should impact NC job recruitment

Talk is fast and furious that North Carolina is in the running for a major auto production plant. But a new study on the rise of robotics in manufacturing should be a part of the discussion. Is the plant worth the cost?

Growing reach of robotics Growing reach of robotics

Updated February 10

Premium Lock New report to show $14B jump in biotech impact on NC

Biotech To those doubters who question the value of the biotechnology industry to North Carolina's economy, a forthcoming report will show how misplaced such thinking is. We've got a sneak peek for our Insiders.

Updated February 10

Draw a line in the sand on tech: Say 'No' to SmartTV snooping

Samsung "listening TV" One of my favorite Rolling Stones songs is "Fingerprint File." Mick needs to rewrite the lyrics to say "digital profile." The Skinny is giving serious consideration to becoming a Luddite. Samsung's disclosure that its SmartTV will disclose voice commands and other information is an outrage. Technology's intervention into our private lives in search of ways to make even more money has finally gone too far.

Updated January 30

Premium Lock SAS revenues hit record $3.09B but weakening Euro hurts

Driven by strong growth in cloud computing-related data analytics and with the help of a growing number of partners, SAS drives revenues to a record high and extend its profitability for a 39th consecutive year. But currency "headwinds" - a weakening Euro and strengthening dollar - cut into what would have been an even better year, says a top SAS executive.

SAS infographic, part 1: Revenue growth SAS infographic, part 1: Revenue growth

January 28

Premium Lock Crowdfunding bill introduced at General Assembly

Crowdfunding Three House Republicans wasted no time in trying to get crowdfunding for startups passed in North Carolina, introducing a bill at the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Updated January 28

Premium Lock 'Bloodbath:' IBM workers report job cuts are underway

IBM job cuts A "resource action," or layoffs, that a worker described as a "bloodbath" is underway at IBM under the name "Project Chrome," workers are telling the Alliance@IBM Union. One of the first posts Wednesday came from RTP. IBM confirmed cuts are being made.

Updated January 28

Premium Lock 10,000 phone sales in 2 seconds: Lenovo's attack on Xiaomi begins

If anyone doubted that Lenovo didn't take the threat of upstart Xiaomi seriously, well check out what Lenovo just pulled off in India - a key smartphone marketplace. Lenovo unveiled a multi-pronged strategy which produced a sellout of 10,000 phones - in 2 seconds. Talk about a flash sale.

Lenovo's tweet - a sellout! Lenovo's tweet - a sellout!

January 27

Premium Lock Union: IBMers report job cuts will begin on Wednesday

IBM job cuts Workers at IBM are telling the Alliance@IBM union that layoffs as part of what Big Blue calls a "resource action" are set to begin Wednesday. IBM confirmed Monday plans to cut thousands of jobs, having set aside some $600 million to cover the cost of a restructuring.

January 27

Premium Lock Frontier: 'Significant progress' already being made with own fiber network

Frontier  AT&T is planning to take on Frontier Communications in Durham County with a fiber network. And now, so is Google Fiber. But the top executive with Frontier in North Carolina says his company's network is already digging in, winning customers, and is seeing "tremendous response" from customers.

January 27

Premium Lock AT&T on Google Fiber: 'We welcome additional competition'

AT&T GigaPower  AT&T has a head start on Google Fiber, which announced today plans to build its own ultrafast Internet network in the Triangle. AT&T already is laying fiber and selling access where available to its U-verse with GigaPower network and is building the N.C. Next Generation Network. And the company says it welcomes Google Fiber to the Triangle.

Updated January 27

Premium Lock Study: Chatham Park development to produce 115,000 jobs

A new study by NCSU economist Dr. Michael Walden says the controversial, massive 7,000-acre Chatham Park development will produce 115,000 jobs and drive $154 billion in total economic impact over the next 40 years. The Chatham Economic Development Corporation commissioned the study.

Chatham Park Map Chatham Park Map

Updated January 27

Premium Lock Changes at IBM create, eliminate thousands of jobs

IBM job cuts Like a pendulum, world media jumped on a report that IBM was cutting some 26 percent - or more than 100,000 jobs. Then IBM issued a sharply worded denial. The media responded, widely reporting that news. But the fact remains: IBM acknowledged that a lot of jobs will be lost in a restructuring but Big Blue also is on a hiring binge.

Updated January 26

Premium Lock IBM dismisses layoff report as 'ridiculous;' however, Big Blue confirms it is making cuts

IBM                     IBM calls a report that it's cutting 100,000 jobs "ridiculous." However, the company does confirm it is cutting jobs. "This rumor is ridiculous, and off by a factor of more than 10," says IBM's director of corporate communications. He also notes IBM is hiring.

Updated January 26

Premium Lock Will IBM cut 100,000 jobs? Even union is wary of the report

IBM layoffs     IBM is undergoing a major internal restructuring as Chair and CEO Ginny Rometty tries to reverse nearly three years of dwindling returns. But is Big Blue really going to cut as many as 100,000 jobs as has been reported over the weekend? Not even the Alliance@IBM is buying in completely to the story.

Updated January 23

Premium Lock Google's 'reserve the date' notice could mean fiber for Triangle

After years of lobbying now, Triangle residents and leaders may get their wish next week: Google Fiber. A "save the date" notice sent out by Google's Triangle media representatives promises news of some sort next week.

Google's "Save the date"  Google's "Save the date"