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WRAL TechWire Publisher and Editor Rick Smith dishes out tidbits from the local technology sector.

2:24 p.m. today

Premium Lock Bronto's co-founder gets 'the itch,' launches new venture

Joe Colopy, the co-founder and CEO of Bronto Software who sold the company for some $200 million then left it a year ago, didn't stay unemployed or out of entrepreneurship for very long. He's back with a new venture focusing on software to help companies make better hires.

Joe Colopy Joe Colopy

7:47 a.m. yesterday

Premium Lock Inside Google's Chapel Hill outpost: A growing success story

As Google continues to evolve as an Internet and technology giant, a David of sorts is emerging at a small outpost in Chapel Hill where some of its most important cutting-edge knowledge is being developed by a team of engineers. Meet the team leader and find out why Google is investing in its Triangle operation.

Google's new digs in Chapel Hill Google's new digs in Chapel Hill

Updated 8:03 a.m. Tuesday

Supreme Court grants SAS hearing in patent dispute

SAS logo   In a patent fight dating back to 2012, SAS earns a hearing at the Supreme Court where attorneys for the Cary-based software firm will argue that all, not some, patent claims must be reviewed in a case. The U.S. Patent Office and lower court decisions had gone against SAS.

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12:00 p.m. Monday

Premium Lock American Underground's PRSONAS goes for Google Demo Day cash (+ video)

PRSONAS, the Durham- and Wake Forest-based startup developing "interactive holograms that help attract, automate, and analyze customer engagements," will be representing the American Underground at Google Demo Day. Two of the three Demo Day winners came from the AU. And PRSONAS CEO says heading to Silicon Valley is major news as it gains traction will seeking investors.

Updated 7:53 a.m. Monday

The Human Future: A dystopian or utopian one?

From autonomous vehicles to genetics, quantum computing to transhumanism with machine-to-brain interfaces, a great deal of cutting-edge research is taking place in Research Triangle Park. And Moogfest brings many regional thought leaders together to share what they see in our rapidly, constantly evolving world. In a four-part series, WRAL TechWire's Allan Maurer reports on what we're calling "The Human Future" series.

Robot army Robot army

May 19

Premium Lock Dennis Dougherty talks: Overcoming dyslexia, Triangle growth, need for investors, and if Intersouth will raise a new fund

Did you know that Intersouth founder Dennis Dougherty, the acknowledged patriarch of venture funding in North Carolina, overcame dyslexia and hearing problems? What's he think about the Triangle's future? The state of investment capital? And will Intersouth raise a new fund? Our Insiders get the story in an exclusive Q&A.

Dennis Dougherty, left, and Charles Hamner Dennis Dougherty, left, and Charles Hamner

May 18

Finally! Media wakes to IBM telling remote workers to head back to office - or quit

News broke in February that IBM was going to start making remote workers head back to Big Blue Offices or leave the company. That means change-or-quit for thousands of workers, including an unknown number of Big Blue employees in North Carolina. The controversial topic has been discussed quite often since then but now The Wall Street Journal has made the mandate a front-page story. Finally, an important employment story should attract global attention.

Charting IBM's revenues Charting IBM's revenues

May 17

Premium Lock Ex-IBMer 'can't help but chuckle' about India layoff reports

IBM layoffs     IBM employs more workers in India that in any other country, and the country is a huge market for Big Blue in sales as well as R&D. So when reports surface that massive layoffs are about to hit, the company denies it. Adding to the turmoil: A report that a top India-based exec is returning to the U.S.

Updated May 16

Beating 'ransomware:' How Durham auto parts firm won its battle

Auto parts manufacturer AW North Carolina turns to AT&T for help when its own enterprise network came under attack through "ransomware." The AW case serves as an example of how companies can defeat such attacks as the "Wannacry" global onslaught over the past several days. In an exclusive interview, the GM for AW North Carolina talks about how his firm fought back - and won.

A transmission made by AW of NC A transmission made by AW of NC

Updated May 15

Has your network been 'patched'? Failure to do opens way for global hack

A massive global "ransomware" attack on Friday hit corporate and government networks across 74 countries on Friday. And a security firm points out the attacks could have been prevented if companies had "patched," or updated their networks to guard against the onslaught being called "Wanna Cry." Demands were made in multiple languages with payments to be made through Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Plus, an update on what's happened where.

Ransomware attack: 'Ooops ..." Ransomware attack: 'Ooops ..."

Updated May 12

Premium Lock Microsoft includes Validic data in HealthVault program

Microsoft is incorporating Validic's mobile health data technology in an update and expansion of the tech giant's HealthVault program. Validic's platform will be used to link HealthVault Insights data into hundreds of clinical and consumer devices, the goal being to give patients personalized, actionable information. Validic CEO Drew Schiller talks about the deal - and its importance to the emerging Durham company.

HealthVault sample HealthVault sample

May 8

Crowdfunding lawyer Benji Jones joins Ward and Smith, P.A.

Benji Jones, an outspoken advocate of passing crowdfunding legislation in North Carolina, is joining the law firm Ward and Smith, P.A.

Benji Jones Benji Jones

May 5

Premium Lock Intersouth's Dennis Dougherty: A pillar for southeast VC, entrepreneurs

From the launching of Intersouth Partners, which became one of the premier venture capital firms in the southeast, to helping create the Council for Entrepreneurial development, Dennis Dougherty has been one of the pillars around which the success of the Triangle and North Carolina as a tech and life science hub was built. In an exclusive Q&A, Doughtery talks about Intersouth, its founding and challenges, and much more.

Dennis Dougherty Dennis Dougherty

May 2

Premium Lock Monica Doss, part 2: Entrepreneurship 'is North Carolina's future'

Monica Doss In the second part of our exclusive Q&A with longtime CED president Monica Doss, the WRAL TechWire Hall of Fame inductee discusses why she remains involved in startups and stresses that our state's future rests on new and emerging companies - not just in tech.

Updated May 2

Premium Lock Bringing VCs to RTP: HQ Raleigh event matching investors, startups

HQ Raleigh, the Council for Entrepreneurial Development and the Flatiron Law Group are teaming up to bring four out-of-state venture capital firms to the Triangle where the investors will huddle with select startups. The day-long event also includes networking and a panel discussion to which you are invited. Plus: Investor profiles who is coming.

HQ Raleigh event HQ Raleigh event

Updated May 1

Study: Durham No. 6, Raleigh No. 12 as best place to start a new business

A salute to Durham The Bull City beats the City of Oaks as the best big city to start a business, according to a new study. But the big North Carolina winner is the Queen City, which ranks No. 3. Durham's score, however, was dragged down by a very low ranking in access to capital.

Updated May 1

Premium Lock Monica Doss, first lady of entrepreneurship in NC

No one knows entrepreneurs better than fellow entrepreneurs, so the compliment paid Monica Doss by Doug Speight, a CODEO2040 entrepreneur-in-residence in Durham, after she was named to WRAL TechWire's Hall of Fame last week bears repeating: "Monica Doss is mentor to a whole generation of founders and entrepreneurial support organizations. The Hall of Fame is a well-deserved honor." In the first of a two-part Q&A, Doss talks entrepreneurship, the CED and much, much more.

Monica Doss Monica Doss

May 1

Remembering Mark Binker, a true insider whose insight made WTW better

Mark Binker's primary beat for was politics but to WRAL TechWire readers he was someone who helped make the issues such as crowdfunding and economic development much more understandable. To The Skinny, he also was someone who always made time to help.

Mark Binker at the U.S. Supreme Court Mark Binker at the U.S. Supreme Court

Updated April 28

Premium Lock Venessa Harrison: The journey from operator to president AT&T North Carolina

Born in Raleigh to a family that included 10 children, Venessa Harrison rose through the corporate ranks at AT&T to become president of the communication giant's operations in North Carolina. A champion for her native state, she pushed for early deployment of AT&T fiber, helped land the North Carolina Next Generation Network, and now is pushing broadband access for all communities in the firm's service area. For her efforts, Harrison is one of the first five people named to WRAL TechWire's Hall of Fame. Here's an in-depth Q&A about her life, career, memories and challenges.

Updated April 28

Score one for RTP: CEO explains why he bolted Silicon Valley for Triangle

Cindy Whitehead, the CEO who sold Sprout Pharmaceuticals for $1 billion, is now an unofficial ambassador for the Triangle. She tells people: "Move here!" citing many reasons (quality of life, talent, cost of living.) The Skinny and Whitehead were discussing why RTP is such a hot spot for tech startups and we happened to discuss "Map My Customers," which recently bolted the Valley for RTP. And guess what - Matthew Sniff has posted at LinkedIn why he came to Carolina, citing many reasons Whitehead stresses in her pitches. Here's more.

The Triangle attraction The Triangle attraction