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The Skinny

WRAL TechWire Publisher and Editor Rick Smith dishes out tidbits from the local technology sector.

7:01 a.m. yesterday

RTP's new era nears launch: 'The Frontier' to premier Jan. 15

Less than a year after acquiring a 100-acre tract of land along I-40, the Research Triangle Foundation is set to unveil the hub of its massive redevelopment project on Jan. 15. The site plan is complete and site work begins in the New Year, says RTP's CEO Bob Geolas.

The Frontier set to open Jan. 15 The Frontier set to open Jan. 15

Updated 7:52 a.m. Tuesday

Nov. open high-tech jobs in NC at highest level in 3 years

The average number of advertised information technology jobs across North Carolina fell slightly in November from October. But look at the good news: The daily average is higher than in the same month each of the previous two years.

Tracking open IT jobs in N.C. Tracking open IT jobs in N.C.

Updated December 12

Premium Lock Winston-Salem startup joins fight against Ebola with eData

Another North Carolina company is joining the fight in the field against Ebola, but this time not as a provider of a possible vaccine. Winston-Salem based Clinical Ink is being used by a number of firms in the Ebola battle to provide clinical trial data safely through its eData platform.

Clinical Ink joins Ebola fight Clinical Ink joins Ebola fight

December 11

Tech giants warn: Just say 'No' to net regulation

A consortium of big tech companies including Cisco and IBM - but not Google - warn Congress and the FCC that Internet regulation as proposed by President Obama will "hurt" broadband expansion and lead to "reduced capital spending."

Tech giants oppose Internet regulation Tech giants oppose Internet regulation

Updated December 10

Premium Lock Be fit, be smart: Check data accuracy before buying that wearable for Christmas

Is a wearable fitness device on your Christmas shopping list, or has your partner asked for one? If so, be a smart shopper and check out just how accurate the health data is that those devices buy. Isn't that more important than whether it's cool? But a recent survey says many buyers don't consider accuracy the most important factor in a buying decision. Really?

Who owns fitness bands Who owns fitness bands

Updated December 9

No Google Fiber news today; Raleigh exec 'still expecting year-end decision'

Gail Roper, chief information officer for the City of Raleigh, says she is "still expecting a year-end decision" about whether Google Fiber will chose the Triangle for an ultra-fast Internet network. A Google exec at the event says "no announcements today."

Google's Jill Szuchmacher Google's Jill Szuchmacher

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Updated December 9

Premium Lock VCs launch a diversity task force - years too late but better than never

The lack of diversity among the ranks of professional venture capitalists and their companies has been a disgrace for years. Finally, the National Venture Capital Association is launching a "Diversity Task Force." But like the technology industry on which it focuses, the NVCA has a lot of work to do to change its almost-all white, male labor force. By the way, a Durham VC is serving on the group.

Diversity Diversity

December 8

Premium Lock Fiber event shines spotlight on RTP as gigabit era begins

Fiber optic network                   Talk about good timing. The Fiber to the Home Council is putting on a two-day conference in Raleigh starting Tuesday. And it comes just hours after AT&T became the first provider saying it is offering service in Raleigh. Google Fiber news could loom, too. Meanwhile, Frontier continues its fiber rollout in Durham. For people wanting faster Internet, a new era is dawning,

December 8

Premium Lock Shark Tank investor bets $20,000 on Raleigh startup WedPics

Barbara Corcoran is putting her money where her opinions have been: On the line in Raleigh startup WedPics, a fast-growing photo sharing service. She's said on the show she likes Wed Pics. Now she confirms investing $20,000 in Justin Miller's company.

Barbara Corcoran Barbara Corcoran

Updated December 5

Key lessons from WedPic's high-profile financing

WedPics founder and CEO Justin Miller laughingly refers to himself as that "tattooed guy" when he talks about what some investors have called him. Now he should be called the "Silicon Valley-approved tattooed guy" after WedPic's latest financing. But he also got plenty of help from friends in the Triangle in lining up big-name investors. How did he leverage that networking? And what did one early backer do to help? What are the lessons for other Triangle startups? Our Insiders get the story.

Justin Miller   Justin Miller

Updated December 5

Startup WedPics raises $4.25M, is looking to boost staff

Raleigh-based photo sharing service WedPics pulls in $4.25 million in new funding and plans to "massively scale the company," says CEO Justin Miller. He's also looking to hire, growing WedPics staff by some 25 percent.

WedPics' growing number of services WedPics' growing number of services

Updated December 5

Premium Lock GSK cuts a 'severe blow' to RTP, says science blogger at forefront of layoff reports

Dr. Derek Lowe, a veteran pharmaceutical scientist and long-time Internet blogger, was among the first to report details of GSK's 20% job force reduction in RTP. Fed information from friends and contacts within the industry, he has written several insightful blogs about what's happening at the drug giant and across the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in R&D. And he tells WRAL TechWire that GSK's cuts are a "severe blow" to the Triangle.

Updated December 2

Google Fiber creates NC company, paving legal way for possible network

Need more confirmation that Google really likes North Carolina and the Triangle for a Google Fiber network? The Internet giant has filed legal paperwork in N.C. for "Google Fiber North Carolina LLC." Google also eyes Charlotte as a possible site.

Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks Google Fiber's list of existing, proposed networks

Updated December 2

Premium Lock Google Fiber launches in Austin - a preview of what's to come for RTP?

It's official now: Google Fiber is offering service in parts of Austin with plans ranging from $0 per month (that's not a typo) to $130 which includes TV services. Is this a preview of what the Triangle can expect should Google pick RTP for deployment?

December 2

Premium Lock Lenovo launches new data app, bets $50M on 'cloud' hubs

Lenovo just didn't buy IBM's x86 server business to sell hardware, which is a low-margin business as are PCs. Rather, the world's top PC maker has an eye on selling high-margin services. Proof: A new initiative to build 50 "cloud" computing centers in China and to train some 1,000 workers on delivering services. Plus, its lineup of apps is growing.

Lenovo's new app Lenovo's new app

Updated December 2

Google Fiber exec to keynote gigabit conference in Raleigh

Fiber optic network                   With AT&T now saying it's deploying the North Carolina Next Generation Network and a fiber decision still possible from Google, there's more interest that ever in ultrafast Internet access for business and homes in the Triangle. An upcoming conference will provide plenty of insight into what to expect from fiber networks.

Updated December 1

Premium Lock Lost amid layoff news: GSK's advance toward Ebola vaccine

The Ebola outbreak isn't generating big headlines in the U.S. these days, but forthcoming layoffs at GlaxoSmithKline are a hot topic. Unfortunately for GSK, the job cuts have overshadowed the company's progress in developing the first vaccine for the deadly Ebola.

GSK's Andrew Witty talks strategy GSK's Andrew Witty talks strategy

November 28

Green light back on for AT&T's ultra-fast Internet project in Triangle

Fiber optic network                   Communications giant AT&T says it will deploy previously announced fiber-optic network projects, including the North Carolina Next Generation Network. In a letter to the FCC and in statements provided to WRAL TechWire, AT&T says a recently announced "pause" won't impact plans announced earlier this year.

Updated November 21

Obama's immigration moves don't satisfy tech sector, entrepreneurs

Immigration President Obama's changes in immigration don't go far enough to satisfy the high-tech sector, which has been demanding more visas. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists had sought broader changes as well.

November 21

Premium Lock FCC: 'Big dogs' will sue any new net neutrality rules

FCC Not only is the FCC pushing back any new "net neutrality" guidelines but the chair warns that "big dogs are going to sue regardless of what comes out." That's hardly good news for backers of the N.C. Next Generation Network, which is to be built by AT&T. Fiber projects are already on hold at the telecom giant, and now the net neutrality debate is extending into sometime next year. What's this mean for NCNGN? Does this open the door for Google Fiber?