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Premium Lock Angry IBMers protest CEO's outreach to Trump, want benefits back

Published: 2016-12-20 06:59:00
Updated: 2016-12-20 10:57:15

IBM's Ginni Rometty        IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty. (Feature Photo Service)

IBM chair and CEO Ginni Rometty quickly offered an olive branch to President-elect Donald Trump shortly after his upset victory. Now, some IBMers have signed a petition protesting the Rometty letter and threaten "to refuse participation in any U.S. government contracts that violate constitutionally protected civil liberties." They also seek return of some lost benefits, issues that predate the election....

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I have a Computer Science degree. I have years of experience and even worked at NASA for a bit. Have not been able to find a job in the field for quite a while. If the IBMers don't want to do the work anymore, hire me. I will.
I am a retired IBMer and agree with the letter. I wish IBMers would have spoken up more over the years as opportunities, benefits, jobs got chipped away.
Rometty wants more cheap labor, shades of Dewey's make workers for Ford production line approach. As a former IBM technology manager some of my best employees did not have a college degree but had the skills and attitude to be great workers. Since they had time in they were more expensive but worth it. Unfortunately thinking of having a long term career at IBM today would be a fantasy as they dump the older workers without attempting to retrain as Tom Watson did. The old skills and older workers are dumped in favor of H-1B abuse (hiring cheaper foreign contractors) and younger workers that are driven to a lot of overtime, often when classified as exempt (no paid overtime). The diversity issues raised in the 'employee's letter' are a bit off base as IBM has been a leader. Unless there is evidence that employment in any diversity is significantly less than the percentage in the total population there is no need to have privileged hiring practices which are really reverse discrimination.
Just proves that even giant IBM is not exempt from employing some crazies when it come to the American electoral process.
To all butthurt IBM employees do your job. If you unhappy with the direction of your company please submit your resignation.
IBM employees assume they are the only ones in the country who can build a database. Lol. Most other companies can do it, do it better, and do it cheaper. IBM's real issue is that it's overloaded with H1B's, and Trump is going to be all over that issue.
I am an Ex-IBMer and this angry letter does not reflect my views. It appears to be from a very small segment of the population who are against Donald Trump and have not yet accepted the results of the election process.
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